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Testimonials & Reviews

We all have a higher calling.  For most, it centers around having a positive impact on others.  It may be our dentistry.  Or, it might be our family.  It may be our work in the community or our dedication to mission trips.  In any case, the rewards received are not always tangible.  Often, they are thoughtful words – received well after the fact – that help you realize the power of your actions.

Accordingly, we are honored and humbled to be able to share just a few of the comments we have received from some of the people impacted by The Academy of Dental Leadership.  Though this feedback and the kind words of others, Dr. Barry Polansky has come to realize his calling.  While he thoroughly enjoyed his 30+ year career as a dentist, it was just a warm-up.

His true passion is helping others become leaders.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping other dental professionals develop the leadership awareness and skills necessary to take control of their future.  To stop following. To lead.

This book is fabulous Barry.

I wish I had read it 20+ years ago. I is like reading the script of my own life. Not looking after myself ( too much booze and other escapes) paralysed by Fear and the "what ifs...."  Lost my wife and family because of it. 
I'm determined to try and not let the next 20 just be an extension of what has gone before. 

Thank you again. 

Your friend