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About the Book:
The Porch, A Dental Fable

This book is an allegory for today's young dentist, a fable imparting wisdom to inspire fortitude, purpose, and actions that lead to career satisfaction and a life well lived. The theme is a Hero's Journey and the mentoring relationship between a young protagonist (Tom) and an older, wiser mentor (Henry). The young dentist goes from despair and feelings of emotional, physical and spiritual burnout to envisioning a hopeful, prosperous future -- through building his belief in himself and seeing a clear path.

"I couldn’t put it down! A must read for every dental student and practicing dentist—this book will give you a 360-view of the professional and life decisions that every dentist must make. These are the decisions that will determine if you have a fulfilling life in harmony with your core values and purpose."
- Mark Battiato, Co-Founder of Growth Into Greatness Institute


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A Message From the Author

I wrote this book at a time when emphasis on business and technology has diverted focus from the well-being of patients and healthcare providers to speed and profit at the expense of the mental and emotional health of dentists and their teams.

If you are in the dental profession, a dentist, hygienist, assistant, lab technician, life coach or consultant who is suffering from burnout or just not getting enough out of your work, then this fable may just be the answer you are looking for.

- Barry F. Polansky, DMD, CAPP, Author

"Barry’s book is a fantastic guide to a life well lived! It should not be skimmed. It should be read with a pen to take notes, including to the links referred to so that you can read the resources to give you yet deeper meaning. These are like a scavenger hunt to deep wisdom and impact in your life. One can water ski along the surface of life, or one can take a deeper dive into meaning. If you are serious student of life, this book is a marvelous jumping off point. Read it for the story but study at greater depth to impact your life." – William Y. Gregg, DDS

"Dental graduates are losing the pearl that was once an intimate part of medicine-humanism. Machinery, efficiency, precision have driven from the heart warmth, compassion, sympathy and concern for the individual. Medicine is now an icy science; its charm belongs to another age. In his newest book The Porch, Dr. Polansky suggests a new paradigm as he exposes the facts in his fictionalized account of the dental school curriculum. A wake-up call for the dental profession." – Roy Holexa, DDS

"Life goals should be considered beginning in the dental student’s first year. A ticket to bypass burnout, this book is a philosophical approach to survive dental school and a long career." - Jeffrey Ingber, DMD, Clinical Professor at Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry

"Every dentist will identify with this story." - Peter S. Warshawsky, DDS

"Dentists need a gathering place like The Porch to combat the forces in dentistry that are misaligned with their well-being and to focus on the things that make a highly satisfying career." - Barbara J. Devine-De Fina, DMD

"From the moment I began reading Barry Polansky's "The Porch" I was completely drawn in. As the story unfolded, I found myself thinking over and over just how much I want to get this book into the hands of every dentist I know! Rich in content, theory, and philosophy, it's a compelling read that holds my interest with beautiful teachings woven throughout. Thank you, Barry, for writing a book that is so perfectly relevant and conceivably transformational!" - Sheri Kay, RDH, Owner of SKY Dental Practice Coaching

"This book will help dentists discover and achieve what they want out of life. The reader is taught the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual skills to bounce back from adversity." - Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, MAPP, Founder of The Flourishing Center in New York City

"I have followed Barry for years, interviewed him countless times, read all his books, and discussed his unbridled wisdom with my Disrupters of Dentistry network. In a world of fast dentistry, this book is the antidote to slow things down. After all, it is our patient who is on the end of their teeth, and the more we care about them, the more they appreciate us. That appreciation is the elixir of your dental life." - Anthony J. Gedge, Dental Practice Growth Strategist, Shenley, England