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Part 3 Key Skills Tip #30

Master the Art of Conversation

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Tip 30: Document Everything with Photos

A visual image is a simple thing, a picture that enters the eyes.
- Roy H. Williams

I'm a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker. My brain is like Google Images.
- Temple Grandin

Today's complete dentists use photography as their main source of communication. The human brain understands visuals better than any other medium. Nothing communicates better than great photography. Most people like Temple Grandin are visual thinkers. When they see beautiful dentistry, the reward centers in the brain secrete dopamine and they want that. Earlier I mentioned that trust is a key factor in motivating patients. High trust also acts on the brain by secreting oxytocin. High trust and visualization are a good combination to reach your patients.

Good dental photography can be learned. It requires an investment of good equipment. A digital camera body with a 50, 60, or 100 mm macro lens is necessary. A through-the-lens lighting system, either a ring light or a dual point flash is also necessary. Add to this basic setup some retractors and intra-oral mirrors and you have the complete kit for excellent documentation.

Photograph all of your cases. Catalogue them and use them to illustrate any and everything you want to explain to patients. Of course, you can buy photographs from other dentists but that wouldn't give you the story. In the next tip, you will see why visual storytelling, beside yourself, is your most powerful tool.

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