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Our Partners

We believe in the power of teamwork.  In this spirit, we are honored to be able to partner with many of the finest organizations in dentistry.  Over the past 30 years, Dr. Polansky has cherished his relationships with both The Pankey Institute and The Dawson Academy.  He was fortunate enough to learn directly from both L.D. Pankey and Peter Dawson, and he is honored to be able to share lessons he has learned as a member of the faculty at both organizations.

It is with the same spirit that led to the founding of both The Pankey Institute and The Dawson Academy that we embark on our journey to help dentists grow as leaders.  We recognize we cannot accomplish this mission alone.  Accordingly, we have adopted a model which allows us to share our tips, techniques and ideas in various formats across multiple learning environments.

If you are a leader within one of the organizations with which we currently partner, thank you.  If you are active in a group yet to partner with The Academy, please contact us.  We are constantly looking to partner with like-minded folks who share our commitment and focus.  As long as quality, fairness and life-long learning are at the core of what you do, we will share everything we know about becoming a leader.