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Dentists who are interested in taking their personal and professional work to new heights can benefit from the study of positive psychology. Dr. Barry Polansky knows firsthand how beneficial the study can be -- he earned a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center. Keep reading to learn more about the need for positive psychology in today’s dental leaders!

What Is Positive Psychology?

Like many things in the world today, the focus of traditional psychology is often on approaching what’s wrong, rather than focusing on what’s right. As the name suggests, positive psychology takes a different method. It’s a booming movement that helps individuals, businesses, and communities identify what they need to truly flourish.

Specifically, positive psychology aims to increase…

People who are certified in positive psychology, like Dr. Polansky, are equipped with the tools they need to live their best lives -- personally and professionally. He studied six modules focused on positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement, and vitality through his certificate course.

The Link Between Positive Psychology and Dentistry

Positive psychology and dentistry are closely linked, especially for professionals who own their own practices. Human beings are all too good at focusing on what’s going wrong at any given moment. But the key to experiencing maximum success is determining what’s going right, and how to take full advantage of those strengths.

What’s the tie in with dentistry? Clients come in all stripes and shapes, and the success of dentistry is dependent upon understanding people and strategies for dealing with life. Through his study of positive psychology, Dr. Polansky focused on:

Benefits of Positive Psychology for Leaders

Leaders set the course for others, so it’s important that they be positive. No one wants to emulate someone who is always focusing on what’s wrong -- and that is where positive psychology comes into play. By formally studying the practice, dentists, educators, businesspeople, and leaders in all fields develop the skills that they can transfer to be the most effective versions of themselves that they can be.

So what are the benefits of positive psychology? In short, positive psychology increases levels of happiness -- and the advantages of being happy are numerous and well-cited. They include…

Learn More About the Certificate Today!

Are you interested in benefitting from the study of positive psychology like Dr. Polansky? It’s a wonderful investment in your professional and personal success. He earned the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) and recommends it to anyone who could use a boost of positivity in their lives (read: everyone). Learn more or contact CAPP today.